Prescriptions of Different Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis in TCM

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The symptoms of chronic prostatitis mainly include frequent urination, painful urination, the urgency of urination or discomfort of urination, residual urine after urination, weak urination, and thick white mucus overflowing at the urethral orifice.

Sometimes, the anus feels bloated, falling, and sometimes hematuria. Usually, people can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to carry on the treatment.

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There are several prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine to relieve prostatitis symptoms.

1. Soreness and pain in the abdomen and perineum, burning pain in the urethra, dark purple blood and blood clots in the urine, and no thirst or thirst for water. Aesculus 10gram, Kun Cao 10gram, raw Puhuang 6gram, Danpi 10gram, madder 10gram, Verbena 10gram, Panax notoginseng 2gram. Take the decoction twice in the morning and evening.

This prescription has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and hemostasis, which is suitable for Túi xách nữ tphcm prostatitis with blood heat and blood stasis.

2. Abdominal traction and perineum pain, mainly distention, dysuria, and standard urine color. The prescription includes 6g for Fructus aurantii, 10g for Chinese herb, 10g for Aesculus hippocastanum, 3g for Tongcao, 6g for Fructus Melia, 6g for Muxiang and 10g for paeony. Take the decoction twice in the morning and evening.It is mainly used for prostatitis with deficient Qi and blood circulation.

3. The urination is not smooth, and the urethra is sore after urination. Urine color is normal. The abdomen is dull and painful. It likes to warm and press. Lumbosacral pain and fear of cold may also occur. It can be seen that the stool is prevaricated; it wants to warm and fear cold, and the lower limbs are stiff.

The formula consists of Fennel 1g, woody 6g, peony 10g, Licorice 3g, black medicine 10g, Psamma seed 10g, the seed of cowherb 10g, talc 10g.Take the decoction twice in the morning and evening. Qi dampness, diuresis, and gonorrhea are used in prostatitis for an extended period, but not for the stagnation of Qi caused by bitter cold and cold medicine, and the cold dampness stops.

4. Frequent urination, residual urine after urination, long illness days, standard urine color. The abdomen and perineum are slightly distended and painful and have a sense of falling. After tiredness, they get worse and have shortness of breath, fatigue, and weak waist and legs.

The prescription consists of Cuttlebone 6g, Codonopsis pilosula 10g, Astragalus membranaceus15g, rhizoma alismatis 10g, dodder 10g, Platycladus orientalis leaf 1og, Alpinia 10g, Kuo 6g. Take the decoction twice in the morning and evening. Spleen and kidney double tonic, Yiqi Tonglin is used for the long course of prostatitis, or the elderly with weak body Qi and spleen and kidney deficiency. hair

5. The urethral orifice is often “dripping white,” frequent urination, and turbid when urinating.And often accompanied by watery mouth do not want to drink or drink after discomfort, Túi xách nữ tphcm mouth sticky, loss of appetite, sleepy body heavy, loose stool diarrhea, and so on.

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